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11 Website Page Load Time Statistics You Need [+ How to Increase Conversion Rate]

Website Performance
11 Website Page Load Time Statistics You Need You may have heard the old saying "patience is a virtue," meaning waiting for something without getting discouraged is a great quality to have. However, for most of us, that "virtue" goes out the window when we encounter slow page load time. The faster your website's load time is, the happier your visitors will be. In other words — when you optimize your web page's load time, you can expect to see improvements in user experience (UX), conversion rates, and ultimately, sales revenue. You may be questioning whether or not simply shaving a few milliseconds off of your website's page load time really has such a major impact on customer experience and business growth. The truth is, yes, the longer it takes for your website’s page to load, the more likely you are to lose your audience. Read on for everything you need to know about website load time and how it can impact your customers’ experience with your company. Short on time and need to get straight to the skimmable stats? Click here. What is website load time? Website load time — or web page load time — refers to how long it takes for a website, or web page, to fully load and appear on screen. This includes all content on the page such as text, images, and videos. Simply, it's how fast all content on a web page loads. Page speed can depend on a number...