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4 Major Ways Your Creative Agency Can Make Money

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4 Major Ways Your Creative Agency Can Make Money Every once in a while, I see a commercial that makes me think, "Well, who did they get to do that?" As a marketer, it's something I can't really help. I immediately strategize about target audiences and selling tactics — especially during commercials for the Super Bowl. When a video really impresses me, I research the advertising agency that conceptualized the campaign for its clients — like this one, from Sarto Restaurant: I loved how this commercial mixed funky music with action shots. Plus, it was intertwined with an interview with the Chef Du Cuisine. Hearing about the menu, inspirations about the restaurant, and seeing the type of food being made gave me a good idea of the atmosphere in Sarto. My admiration for the commercial led me to Erba, a creative agency offering a full range of marketing and advertising services. Companies leverage agencies like Erba to produce professional, effective campaigns. It's likely that the team at Sarto wanted to use an agency like Erba to raise awareness of their restaurant. But what else can creative agencies offer? And how do they make money? Let's explore those questions next. What is a creative agency? What do they do? An agency is an organization that offers a list of services for one specific industry. A creative agency, then, is one that offers services related to marketing and advertising. For instance, some...