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The Ultimate Guide to Sales and Marketing

sales and marketing alignment
The Ultimate Guide to Sales and Marketing Peanut butter and jelly. Puppies and the park. Beach days and ice cream. Some things just obviously go together — but what if I put sales and marketing together in that list? Would you still think they worked better as a pair? More than likely, you haven't quite considered your sales and marketing to be the "peanut butter and jelly" of your company. But, sales and marketing alignment is more critical than you think. Simply put, alignment between marketing and sales is really about focusing on the customer — and, today, the customer's buying behavior has changed significantly. Fortunately, the better you can align your sales and marketing teams, the more likely you are to delight a prospect. In fact, organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing teams are 6% more likely to exceed revenue goals. Here, we're going to explore why sales and marketing matter to a company — and, equally importantly, why they matter together. To start, let's explore the advantages of both sales and marketing to your organization. Sales is ultimately critical to your company's bottom line. You cannot have scalable growth without an impressive sales team. At its most basic, your sales team's goal is to first qualify prospects, reach out and build relationships with them, and ultimately, provide a solution that will benefit the prospect. When done well, a sales transaction results in a sale, a satisfied customer, and revenue for your company. For sales teams...