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How to Align with Your Sales Team, According to HubSpot Marketers

Sales Alignment with Marketing
How to Align with Your Sales Team, According to HubSpot Marketers Throughout the history of business, marketing and sales teams have repeatedly run into the same problem: misalignment. Although both departments share one overall goal of generating revenue for their company, the strategies and success metrics they use are often quite different. Marketers fuel the lead pipelines and build the brand messaging that enables salespeople to close deals and generate revenue for the company. Despite how linked the two departments are and how much they depend on each other, it can be difficult for salespeople and marketers to have insight into each other's unique challenges -- which can result in disconnection.Although both roles are vital to company growth, it can be difficult for salespeople to keep up with what marketers are doing, and vice versa. These perceived differences often lead to miscommunication, friction, and other issues related to sales and marketing misalignment. According to Demand Gen, misalignment is a common struggle throughout workplaces. Nearly half of B2B employees say that the biggest issues with their company's sales and marketing alignment are poor communication, broken processes, and different department-wide KPIs. If misalignment isn't handled properly, it could cost your company time, money, and customers in the long run. According to a Forrester study, 43% of CEOs say that misalignment has cost them sales. It's not surprising that friction between marketing and sales can cost a company money. If a sales team is unaware of how they can work with...