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How Primary Colors Help HubSpot Build a CRM That Customers Love

Product Development
How Primary Colors Help HubSpot Build a CRM That Customers Love At HubSpot, customer experience comes first. Always. Whether our marketing team is selecting a time at which to send an email or our web team team is choosing the size and location of a button on our homepage, the question we always go back to is: “Will this be a good experience for our customers?” As HubSpot's Chief Product Officer, this customer-first principle is my guiding light when it comes to product development. And it's the reason why we don't buy technology when we want to deliver a new product to our customers. We build it. This build-first approach is becoming increasingly rare in our industry. Traditional SaaS companies tend to acquire other companies when they want to significantly expand their product offerings or quickly increase their customer base. This can sometimes lead to a quick uptick in revenue — after all, when a company buys another, it acquires all of its customers — but it's often a very negative experience for the customer. When two completely different systems are cobbled together after an acquisition, the burden of making them work together is foisted onto the customer. Each company probably took a completely different approach to product development, resulting in different underlying technology, different processes, and different user interfaces. Reconciling these differences without causing friction for customers is an almost impossible task. And when SaaS companies apply this approach over time, the friction accrues, technical debt goes through the roof,...