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How Micromarketing Can Take Your Strategy to the Next Level [+ Examples]

Personalization in Marketing
How Micromarketing Can Take Your Strategy to the Next Level Good news: on the internet, your business can connect with hundreds of millions of potential customers. Bad news: your competitors have the same access, and they're already throwing money at the problem. Also not so good: your mighty, scrappy team has to figure out how to connect with, well, hundreds of millions of potential customers. Or do you? For your business to go big, sometimes it helps to think small – especially when it comes to your marketing strategy.  We're talking about micromarketing — targeting a small group from your customer-base — which can be a transformative strategy for your business. Let's dive into what micromarketing is, and why it's important. Plus, we'll explore examples to inspire your first micromarketing campaign.   What is micromarketing? For your business, micromarketing means drilling down past the level of niche marketing (targeting a specific segment within the larger market) to target specific individuals or micro ("extremely small") groups. By targeting smaller, more specific audiences, you’re able to customize your outreach and use audience insights to tailor your messaging for more personalized, effective marketing. Yes, this requires a different type of time and effort than more traditional mass marketing — and it's worth it. Why invest time and resources in micromarketing? Micromarketing requires more resources — if you measure your efforts by potential customers reached. However, targeting specific, segmented audiences is often more effective in the long-run towards acquiring high-quality leads and...