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How Uses Data-driven Marketing to Guide Strategy

Marketing Analytics
How Uses Data-driven Marketing to Guide Strategy As any marketer will tell you, there are a myriad of benefits to using data to inform your marketing decisions. For instance, data can help marketers learn from past mistakes and pivot to create increasingly effective campaigns over time. Additionally, data can provide marketers with insights about their audience and what matters most to both prospects and customers. It also helps marketers earn buy-in from leadership to experiment and test new, innovative strategies for increasing brand awareness and ROI. knows the importance of data all too well. The work OS — used by major brands including Uber, Hulu, and Coca-Cola — has seen incredible growth over the past year, reaching $100 million in revenue and surpassing 100,000 customers. And, as Rotem Shay, Head of User Acquisition and SEO, told me: "We strongly believe in data-driven decisions for everything we do, from the day-to-day to planning future campaigns." Keep reading to learn more from Shay about how uses data-driven marketing to guide its powerful, effective marketing strategy – and how you might use data in new, unique ways, as well. Additionally — If you're a HubSpot customer, take a look at the new powerful integration between HubSpot and 4 Tips on Data-Driven Marketing from 1. Get creative when it comes to the analytics tools your team uses. Ultimately, data-driven marketing can't happen without robust analytics tools that enable you to properly measure campaign performance and create A/B...