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The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn Company Pages
The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Company Pages A lot happens on LinkedIn. People post updates, professionals seek new jobs, salespeople pitch prospective customers, and LinkedIn members of all kinds connect, chat, and build relationships. With almost 740 million members, this level of activity comes as no surprise. The LinkedIn Pages launch in late 2018 equipped consumers to discover and vet their favorite businesses and for businesses, organizations, and institutions to connect with their audiences. LinkedIn Company Pages provide a unique way for your organization to stand out from the noise — important noise, but noisy nonetheless. We developed this guide to help you master your LinkedIn Company Page. LinkedIn Company Pages were developed to give your company a home base and reach your audience on the network. If you haven’t built a LinkedIn Page for your business yet, you’re missing out on new connections, followers, employees, and customers. What to Post on a LinkedIn Company Page Creating a LinkedIn presence for your company expands your brand trust and awareness. Here are a few ideas for what to post on your LinkedIn page to maximize your ROI. 1. Share company updates and news. LinkedIn, like any other social network, features a content stream on which people share and discuss important articles and updates. Your Page is a perfect place to post your company updates and news for customers, employees, investors, and fans to review and share. 2. Post open jobs and connect with potential employees. LinkedIn is...