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Exit Intent Pop Up Examples and What Makes them Effective

Landing Page Optimization
Exit Intent Pop Up Examples and What Makes them Effective It's common for people to visit websites without converting — maybe they're conducting product research, educating themselves on your brand, or weighing out the advantages of your product versus one of a competitor. All of these actions are normal but they're not always ideal for your business — you want those visitors to stay on your site and convert (e.g. provide their contact details, sign up for your newsletter, or make a purchase). One way to help accomplish this — and avoid customers coming and going without converting — is with the help of exit intent pop ups. In other words, exit intent pop ups know when one of your visitors is about to leave your website — they serve a visitor a valuable offer/ message that's designed to keep them on the page (and, hopefully, influence them enough to convert).  How do exit intent pop ups work? Imagine a visitor is on your ecommerce site — they’re browsing your product line. They then decide they want to exit the web page they’re on and they move their cursor out of the frame/ boundaries of your website. But a pop up appears with an offer (e.g. coupon code, free ebook, free trial, etc.) that they stay on the page to read. They click your CTA and convert in the way you intended them to. So, exit intent pop ups make it possible to retain visitors on your site...