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16 Best Ways to Increase Content Reach [+Free Content Reach Kit]

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16 Best Ways to Increase Content Reach Companies often rely on blogs, articles, and social media to engage with their consumers and attract new clientele. However, creating new and exciting content can be a time-consuming process. A great solution to this dilemma is to repurpose existing content. Repurposing content doesn’t have to feel redundant or boring. In fact, with a few great strategies, old content can gain a fresh new perspective and reinforce critical points. This article will go over a few ways that businesses can reinvigorate their old content while increasing their potential reach. Content Reach Examples Here are some great examples of content that reaches, engages, and delights a large audience. 1. State Farm Have you ever heard of “Jake from State Farm”? I'm sure you have. He’s been featured in nationwide State Farm commercials, blog posts, memes, and videos — State Farm hit gold with this idea. The insurance giant's content reach consists of the repurposed use of “Jake” in new and inventive ways. This includes creating intriguing storylines that mix plausible life situations with the use of its insurance policies. Customers can see themselves in the everyday interactions Jake has with his customers. Image Source 2. T-Mobile T-mobile’s Newsroom constantly makes old content new again. The brand's Loyalty Program, T-Mobile Tuesdays, for example, has been around for five years. The content strategy involves images, videos, app links, and articles that strive for engagement through consistency and fun contests, polls, and incentives. The...

5 Ways to Explain Inbound Marketing to Your Family This Thanksgiving

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5 Ways to Explain Inbound Marketing to Your Family This Thanksgiving When Thanksgiving rolls around, there are a few questions that we don't exactly look forward to hearing: "When are you getting married?" "When am I getting grandchildren?" "Have you been moisturizing?" And yet, none of those oh-so-polite questions even come close to the complexity of explaining what, as an inbound marketer, you actually do for a living. It's not that inbound marketing requires a long, drawn-out answer — after all, it can easily be described in 44 words. But explaining it requires some fundamental knowledge of how technology, marketing, and the internet work. You know, the things that your grandparents might not fully grasp in one fell swoop. Good news — all you really need are a few storytelling strategies. We found five ways you can explain inbound marketing to your family. And sure, some of these are useful, and some are just sarcastic. But hey, family is family, right? They'll still love you. 5 Ways to Explain Inbound Marketing to Your Family This Thanksgiving 1. The Food Analogy Source: Giphy In the U.S., Thanksgiving typically consists of a few staples: turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, to name a few. And while it might sound strange, you can use that knowledge to your advantage by using food preparation as an analogy for different aspects of inbound marketing. To explain lead nurturing, you can use the pumpkin pie. Sending unnurtured leads to sales is like giving an unbaked...