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A Beginner’s Guide to HTML5

A Beginner's Guide to HTML5 HTML5 was designed to do virtually anything you want to do online without having to download browser plugins or other software. Want to create animations? Embed music and movies? Build advanced applications that run in your browser? You can with HTML5. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about HTML5, including: what it is what’s the difference between HTML vs. HTML5 what’s new in HTML5 how to use HTML5 when HTML5 came out which browsers support HTML5 What is HTML5? HTML5 is the newest version of HTML. The term refers to two things. One is the updated HTML language itself, which has new elements and attributes. The second is the larger set of technologies that work with this new version of HTML — like a new video format — and enable you to build more complex and powerful websites and apps. To understand how HTML has evolved over the years, let’s look at the differences between HTML and HTML5. HTML vs HTML5 HTML is the World Wide Web's core markup language. Originally designed to semantically describe scientific documents, it has since evolved to describe much more. Most pages on the web today were built using HTML4. Although much improved since the first version of HTML written in 1993, HTML4 still had its limitations. It’s biggest was if web developers or designers wanted to add content or features to their site that weren’t...