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Five Lessons I Learned About Scaling a Business With Reid Hoffman

Five Lessons I Learned About Scaling a Business With Reid Hoffman How great would it be if you had a panel of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders you could turn to whenever you needed help getting unstuck, or needed a daily dose of inspiration? Fortunately, that's exactly what the new Masters of Scale Courses App offers — expert advice from some of the world's best and brightest minds, guided by Reid Hoffman. The first course is all about The Mindset of Scale. Here's what I learned from the first two lessons. 1. Ask "Why not?" and "What if?" Start by asking two important questions — "Why not?" and "What if?" — whenever you encounter something that makes you feel a strong emotion. For instance, think about the last time you experienced sticker shock or frustration over waiting in a long line. Those simple questions have sparked countless successful products and businesses — including Virgin Airlines. In his own words, here's Richard Branson: "35 years ago, when we started , the big carriers were dreadful. And on one of those flights coming to the Virgin Islands, I got bumped, which is a sort of typical thing that airlines did in those days." Of course, being Richard Branson, he didn't pass the time by staring woefully at the departures board. Instead, he asked one of those powerful questions: What if? What if he didn't have to wait for the next flight? What if he created a flight of his own? "So...