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The Most Underrated Online Marketing Tactics You’re Probably Not Taking Seriously

Digital Maketing
The Most Underrated Online Marketing Tactics You're Probably Not Taking Seriously Here's a fun little challenge for you: name three marketing strategies you'd recommend to someone who's getting their start in the field. Easy, right? This is what I'd suggest — social media marketing, email newsletters, and content offers. As marketers, we can pretty much list useful, tried-and-true marketing tactics like clockwork. We know what works. But when delighting customers is a top priority, the "same old, same old" can seem redundant to your audiences. For that reason, thinking outside of the box when conducting marketing strategies is essential. You don't want to bore your customers, and you don't want to get bored creating the same campaigns, either. If you're looking for marketing strategies that aren't making an email list or writing a blog post, you've come to the right place. Here, we're going to introduce some marketing strategies that you might've seen before (or maybe not), but that you haven't seen popularly implemented in years. If you can't take much more of the same, your audience probably can't, either. Let's talk about some interesting, less-raved about ways you can spice up your marketing plan. 1. Create and distribute infographics. 19% of marketers use infographics as part of their content marketing campaigns, but they are very useful for audiences. If you're distributing data on social media, infographics present the complicated information in a simple, fun format: Visual content is more engaging than text, and still presents...