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How to Use Your CRM to Power Your Marketing

CRM Benefits
How to Use Your CRM to Power Your Marketing It’s easy to picture the customer journey as a well-traveled, east-to-west road trip, following a single highway from awareness to consideration to purchase. In reality, people take a lot of detours. If you want a complete picture of the customer journey, it's essential to connect your marketing efforts with the tool at the center of it all: your company’s trusty CRM. While you may be familiar with a CRM, you probably aren’t using it to its full potential. Here, we'll cover its role in marketing and how it powers great customer experiences. CRMs are traditionally considered a tool for sales teams to track leads, prospects, and customers. With them, reps can see every interaction a contact has had with a brand — everything from calls with a sales rep to website visits. But on the marketing side, marketers rarely use a CRM for anything other than creating email lists, if at all. This is a huge missed opportunity. Think of your CRM as a single source of truth — tracking every customer interaction and painting a clear picture of their journey. Here are the benefits of this: One central hub for data. Any business, regardless of size, needs a central location for storing data. This makes it possible to identify patterns and see what’s working (and what’s not). More audience segmentation. You'd never send the same message to every customer — which is why segmentation is...