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What Is a Marketing Manager?

Career Development
What Is a Marketing Manager? As marketers, we all want to climb the career ladder as quickly as possible. But if you're going to become a marketing manager one day, you first need to learn what the role demands. Moving up in ranks means becoming more involved in the marketing process, and eventually becoming the principal implementor. As a marketing manager, you’d be in charge of a team. Employees will look up to you as you once looked up to your manager. However, accepting this position comes with increased responsibility. It can feel rewarding to watch your strategies come to life, but it’s important to understand what the role entails. Below, we'll go over what a marketing manager is, what a marketing manager does, the management process, and the skills and education you'll need to become one. What does a marketing manager do? Marketing managers have a variety of responsibilities. While there are industry-specific standards, there are common tasks that all marketing managers will do: Conduct market research to understand the public interest and determine the marketability of products and services. Design creative and unique marketing strategies across multiple channels like social media, tv, billboards, and newspaper articles. Create marketing plans detailing outcomes and goals. Create comprehensive budgets and cost estimates. Negotiate with potential clients and partners to prepare sales and advertisement contracts. Handle public relations and troubleshoot internal and external issues as they arise. Marketing managers are also responsible for training their...