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5 Ways to Use Audio in B2B Marketing

B2B Content Marketing
5 Ways to Use Audio in B2B Marketing Whether you prefer to stream music in the car or listening to the hottest podcasts -- odds are there's some form of audio content that you love to consume. I too am one of those people who always has to be listening to something. Whether it’s a new Spotify playlist or the latest episode of a podcast, I use pretty much every opportunity to consume audible content. I’m hardly the only one who’s partial to audio in this way. With consumers spending more time alone or at home in 2020, marketers have noticed a major uptick in audio content and listenership. This isn't shocking. In recent years consumers have increasingly turned away from traditional TV content in favor of mobile or online platforms -- especially those that promote and produce audio content. At this point, marketers are taking notice of audio opportunities. Consumer listening behavior has created a tremendous opportunity for marketers -- especially those in the B2B sector -- to create branded, audible content. Audio is often associated with consumer marketing, but those kind of assumptions create a missed opportunity for B2B brands. After all, here at HubSpot, we create content for marketing and sales professionals in a variety of formats, and if you read our blog, it’s no secret that we’re constantly nagging you to do the same -- even with audio. So let’s explore the ways that can be done, starting with a look at the science...