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Lying in Sales: 9 Reasons It’s Not Worth Lying to Sell More

Agency Marketing
Lying in Sales: 9 Reasons It’s Not Worth Lying to Sell More As a salesperson, your success rests largely on quota attainment. Make quota consistently, and you’re a superhero. Miss quota a few months in a row, and everyday inches you closer and closer to a performance plan. For reps or managers in the latter bucket, desperate times often call for desperate measures. First, maybe hitting the number is a matter of closing a few more deals. Then, suddenly, you’re stretching the truth on features and saying, “Sure, we can do that!” when you’re not sure you can really do that — or worse, you're sure you absolutely cannot do that. Sales is a notoriously stressful job, and the pressure to fudge the truth with prospects can become overwhelming when your goal is a long way away. But the unpleasant repercussions are not worth it. But before we delve into why lying doesn’t pay, let’s first see why salespeople lie. Why Do Salespeople Lie? An “honest salesperson” is a myth and a perfect example of an oxymoron to many. But why do salespeople lie? We list three reasons why they do. Perhaps after reading this section, you’ll be more sympathetic towards them. 1. They don’t know the product This is one big reason why the average salesperson distorts the truth. They simply don’t know what a product can or can’t do, so they stretch the truth about its capabilities. As salespeople, they’re expected to know everything about what they’re...