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45 Slack Tricks to Boost Productivity & Improve Collaboration

45 Slack Tricks to Boost Productivity & Improve Collaboration

Slack is an undeniably popular messaging channel for businesses — it’s used by over 12 million people worldwide, and 87% of its users say Slack improves communication and collaboration.

As a daily Slack user myself, I can attest that it’s an incredibly helpful tool for sending quick questions to your manager, organizing meet-up times with colleagues, or even sharing the occasional dog photo in the company’s #dog-channel.

However, despite using Slack daily for the past two years, I had no idea that I could star important messages (which essentially “bookmarks” them), set up reminders within Slack to respond to messages whenever I’m ready, or create a custom emoji.

There are plenty more tricks to using Slack more efficiently, as well — here, NetCredit collected 45 of them. Take a look at this infographic to learn how you can streamline your own processes to become more productive while using Slack, or how you might create a better experience for your colleagues.


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